I was excited to learn that Lambert had written a new collection of original

pieces for the ukulele. Lambert has a knack of writing interesting yet

accessible pieces that are ideal for both beginners and more advanced

players. In the first two pieces, ‘Farewell’ and ‘Time, you can clearly hear the

influence of Carulli and Carcassi come through, yet with a contemporary

feel that adds a lovely touch to the pieces. In the third piece ‘Highland

Waltz’ you can hear much more of a ‘folk’ influence.

My favorite piece is the last piece, ‘Memories of You‘. It couples a gorgeous

descending melody with clever harmonies and rhythms. It is one of those

pieces that you feel like you have heard before, but at the same time it has

a few bars that are surprising enough to keep your ears pricked up.

All of these pieces are well written, enjoyable to play and a worthy addition

to any ukulele player's repertoire.

Paul Mansell AVCM